The Music of Award-Winning Composer Joel Goodman

Music that Comes from the Heart

The Music of Joel Goodman

As an Emmy Award-winning composer, Joel has scored over 125 films and television programs that have received 5 Oscar nominations, 20 Emmy awards and over 30 Emmy nominations. His signature style thrives in musical settings that require both quiet undercurrents and intense human emotion, expressing human affection through richly textured music that comes from the heart.

Listen below to the poignant, powerful, and aesthetically nuanced music of Joel Goodman.

Going to War

Premieres May 28 on PBS with Music by Oovra Music

In Going to War, renowned authors Karl Marlantes and Sebastian Junger help us make sense of this paradox and get to the heart of what it’s like to be a soldier at war. Veterans of various conflicts reveal some universal truths of combat with unflinching candor.

Editing Difficult Material

By Aaron I. Butler

Aaron I. Butler is painfully familiar with bringing difficult stories to the screen. This month on our Community blog, Butler shares his experience with editing violent films such as Cries from Syria, and how he dealt with the challenging visuals during and after the project.