First In Human Premieres Tonight on Discovery

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Part Electronic. A few cups of Folk. A dash of Hip Hop and a sprinkle of Americana. Can someone please tell us what genre this is? In the meantime, take a listen to this cool track from Rosin called "Hope Never Dies."

First In Human Premieres Tonight

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FIRST IN HUMAN is a three-part, six-hour medical documentary series taking viewers inside the revered National Institutes of Health's Building 10: the largest hospital in the world devoted solely to medical research. Narrated by Jim Parsons, the series follows four diverse patients as they participate in a “First in Human” trial – the initial time when a new therapy is tested in humans.

Episode one airs at tonight, 8/10 at 9pm on Discovery. Episodes two and three air at 9 pm on 8/17 and 8/24.

The Music of Randy Miller

Randy has worked with such notable filmmakers as Robert Towne, Zhang Yimou, Oliver Stone, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Tom Cruise, Sam Raimi, David Eick and Robert G. Tapert. His styles range from authentic world music to minimalist beds, heartfelt orchestral themes and whimsical comedic underscore. Check out the short sampler below and get lost in his world.

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Layered motivational builds. Heartwarming growth and fulfillment. Meditative solo piano and a modified Indian groove with blended instrumentation. Get to know our catalog with five new pieces of music that you won't hear anywhere else.