Hear the sound of a live big band on the latest from Oovra's Real Jazz

Spotlight Single

One Unique Track for You

Here's a little Steinway piano for your soul. Take some time to breathe and be in the present with the peaceful and reflective "Life is Now" by Louis Landon.

Oovra Featured in Documentary Magazine

Check out this awesome story about Oovra, written by Ayn Carrillo-Gailey for Documentary Magazine's Summer 2017 issue. Along with the company's origin story as told by Joel, the article features quotes from some pretty amazing filmmakers and composers.

Jordan Seigel's Big Band


Award-winning composer and pianist Jordan Seigel (aka Real Jazz) specializes in the highest quality of original jazz recordings. His latest release for Oovra is a best in class big band album, record live in New York featuring over 20 musicians and 2 vocalists. This is the real deal.

What Tomorrow Brings

Catalog and Custom Music by Oovra

What Tomorrow Brings is a documentary that goes inside the very first girls' school in a small Afghan village. While the girls learn to read and write, their education goes far beyond the classroom as they discover the differences between the lives they were born into and the lives they dream of leading.

The film premiered at the Hot Docs International Film Festival, aired on PBS's POV, and was nominated for a 2017 News & Doc Emmy Award.

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