The playful, smart, diverse music of David Schwartz

Spotlight Single

One Unique Track for You

Succumb to the majestically tender "Staring at the Stars" by Peter Golub. Lush strings and gentle piano combine to tell and innocently romantic love story.

The Music of David Schwartz

You may not know it, but chances are you've heard David's music. He has scored over 60 different TV series and films, and has written the themes for many popular shows including Superstore and Arrested Development. As a three-time Emmy nominee, Grammy nominee, recipient of six BMI awards, and a Hollywood Film & TV award, his shelves are getting pretty full. Listen below to the diverse and imaginative music of David Schwartz.

This Is Capitalism

Corporate Web Series

This is Capitalism tells the stories of great American business people who embody the values of independence, innovation, and dedication. Check us out below in "Capitalism in WWII: The Arsenal of Democracy".