Miriam Cutler's Big Year + Emmy Awards News


It's no wonder that Miriam Cutler's acclaimed body of work has earned her multiple Emmy nominations, including two for this year's Primetime Emmy Awards. Take a listen to her music, and you'll hear the tasteful subtlety, rich character, and emotional nuance of a master of her trade.

Hear Us In Searching for Home

Searching for Home follows filmmaker Senain Kheshgi as she uncovers new truths about her family’s history and her mother’s journey from India to Pakistan to New York City. The film is part of IDENTITY, a series of 23 DNA stories brought to life in collaboration between Tribeca Studios and 23andMe.

Oovra Music in Recent Emmy-Nominated Films

Congratulations to the creators of Hope & Fury: MLK, the Movement and the Media (NBC) and Going to War (PBS) for their recent News & Documentary Emmy Awards nominations. Oovra Music is proud to have provided music to both of these impressive and deserving films. Listen to some music from these projects below.