Creative Music Editing

A Case Study

“The process of composing the film score for each movie is completely different. They all have their own personality and completely different life, but there’s never been a formula. Each time, it’s a new thing.”
— Trevor Rabin

It's rare that a piece of music just works "as is" against picture. But its quite common to find something close. Budget aside, why re-invent the wheel by writing something new if you're already halfway there? That piece of pre-existing music is more malleable than you think.

For years we’ve approached music editing in a very unique way. By infusing precise editing with supplemental instrumentation and arrangements, we have perfected an elegant way to bridge the gap between the limits of pre-existing music and the ultimate versatility of custom composition. We can shorten, lengthen, change the emotional feel, add visual hits and synchronize any piece of music to match your film in a way that sounds absolutely natural, giving it the sound of a custom score without starting from scratch. We call this Creative Music Editing. Check out our case study below to see how Creative Music Editing can make a significant impact on your next project.

Step 1 - Find the right music

To help introduce the world to Oovra, we decided to create a one-minute video explaining who we are, and what we do. Our editor cut the film to a temp track, but we needed to find something that worked better. After a quick search in our catalog, we selected “Soft And Warm” by Oovra composer Chris Hajian.

Here is the original video, with the music dropped in "as is", before any creative music editing:

Step 2 - Editing

We liked how the energy and emotion of the music felt against the picture, and knew that the built-in musical shifts would give us a lot to work with. But we quickly identified several opportunities to make the video more interesting:

The music didn’t match the arc of the story. It’s noticeable that the music was simply dropped into the video, and not edited at all. It needed to punctuate the visuals, show shifts in the narrative and drive the story.

The original track is longer than the video. While the video ends at 1:02, the track ends at 1:58.

There are no hits to connect audio and video. The sight of certain instruments being played, the orchestra being conducted, and the movement from one section of the story to another all needed to be highlighted and emphasized through music.

Sonic branding. There was an opportunity for the video to start and end with a simple motif or mnemonic to underscore the logo.

We knew these ideas, when executed well, would elevate the video and bring the viewer into the story. As you'll see below, the impact is significant.

Step 3 - Final Video

Here’s the final video with a timeline of each edit and change we made:

:01 Added a piano motif for sonic branding. This motif is heard at the beginning and end of the video, and is associated with the Oovra brand.

:08 Violin enters between VO lines.

:21 Made edits based on shifts in the narrative. As the story develops and Oovra’s composers discuss what they do and the services that Oovra offers, the music shifts too. Strings (which were not in the original track) were added to coincide with the visual of the orchestra.

:27 Here we shift into a new section about our services. The music emphasizes this change and shifts with the story. Short strings and woodwinds are added to give the piece more energy and drive.

:34 The music continues to build.

:46 Clarinet (not in original piece) is added to coincide with the visual of the clarinet player. The track continues to build from here to the end.

:51 Added additional instrumental touches to support the final build.

:57 The music holds so that the final VO line is in the clear, adding emphasis to the message. A custom ending was created with strings and the piano motif.

:59 Piano motif is synchronized perfectly with the Oovra logo.

Click here to see the final result.

We love Creative Music Editing and the way it makes projects shine. And we know you will too. Contact us to learn more about how we can do this for you.