Joel Goodman

Joel is an Emmy-winning composer and music publishing entrepreneur with an extensive background that includes music for advertising, film, television, record producing and more. Past businesses include the record label Museum Music and the music publishing company MusicBox. Joel is a regular moderator/panelist for top music industry organizations, and is also a board member of the PMA, where he is Chairman of the Performing Rights Committee.


Andrew DeWitt
Production & Operations

Andrew oversees Oovra's day-to-day production, operations, and client relations. He has worked in the music business as a writer, producer, and business manager for over 10 years, produced on dozens of film and TV scores, and he loves to play jazzy blues on the piano.


Jacquie Shabel
Licensing & Marketing

Jacquie is a true music lover and marketing maven. She started as one of the few women breakdancers in television and film. Formerly a Power 106 Radio and Motown Records executive, she has also consulted EMI and Capitol Records spearheading digital marketing projects for The Beatles, Coldplay, Beastie Boys and Now That's Music. Jacquie's advocacy work includes music education in schools and local community activism in Hollywood. She is a wannabe Olympic athlete and Chief Inspiration Officer to her sports, music and cartoon loving son, Rhys.


Shuli Suman

As an entrepreneur, Shuli owned and operated a successful company for 20 years and brings her extensive experience and business acumen to Oovra.  In her free time, she enjoys cycling and experiencing the great outdoors.

Benjamin Krause
Music Editing Guru

Hailing from Stuttgart, Germany, Ben is our in-house music editing specialist. He is a composer, music producer, and audio engineer who has written music for TV series and documentaries in the U.S. and Germany, and has toured as a keyboardist throughout Germany and its neighboring countries.

Murielle Hamilton

A veteran of the music industry, Murielle has worked with some of the biggest names in music. She travelled the world as the tour manager for artists including Prince, Little Feat and Weather Report, and has worked in business operations for the Rolling Stones, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Jethro Tull, and Warner Brothers Records. As a composer, she scored films and managed her own catalog for many years. Most recently, she owned and managed a successful knitwear company in Los Angeles.